I know everybody has gone on about this one…but it’s just that good!

Growing up while I dabbled in makeup and learned how (not to) apply eye makeup, I quickly established that eyeshadow was not a necessary component. From day dot, I was more of a mascara and foundation girl. Eventually I blessedly found out about bronzer and blush, and after a few more years in darkness, welcomed the relief of the eyebrow products. Boom, my daily makeup was complete. Eyeshadow was, like primers and eyeliners, useless to me. I felt it made my face look excessively ‘done up,’ and I somehow could never just get it right.

Years later, my makeup routine is far more concise, and far more knowledgeable. I still purse my lips when I look at eyeshadows that are any more than a neutral matte, but I’m working on that, and would you believe that today on a bright and early weekday, I am wearing a shimmering dark brown shadow. I know. Still neutral, but hey, baby steps.

The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is a fairly new purchase for me, given that it was released back in 2016, but I would just like to take this moment to thank each and every one of the blogs and reviews I read in the last two years, absolutely raving over this palette. If I’m honest, I had no intentions on buying the thing, and then one day woke up and thought, “right I’m going out to get it.” Just like that. And damn I’m so glad I did.

The Sweet Peach Palette hits at about $70AU, which is honestly fairly normal for a palette of its size.

First claim: It smells like peaches. I was worried about this, because there is something about scented makeup that is both artificial and a reminder of the play-makeup you used as a child. Fortunately, Too Faced skated over this by magically creating a scent that actually smells remotely like peaches (GASP) and by containing it to acceptable levels. As is, the scent is pretty nice and unobtrusive at best.

The tin container isn’t my favourite. Like many Too Faced products, it’s bulky and more for looks than practicality which frustrates me a little. However in saying that, it’s both durable and slim and still works for its purpose.

The colours chosen for the palette are well done and different enough to provide enough variation if this was the one and only palette you used. There are 6 mattes and 10 shimmering satin shades, as well as 2 matte shades with glitter. The colours aren’t as peachy as you might think, but after using the palette for a bit, it all really makes sense. The focus of this palette, I think, is a clear set of neutrals, mixed up with a few sultry dark shades and balanced out by the input of 5 peach tones.

The blendabilty of Too Faced shadows is what I love most. The colour payoff is exceptional, particularly when paired with an eye primer (I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance). My favourite colour to use in the crease is Puree (which is universally flattering) and I will generally warm with Summer Yum. Bellini also looks gorgeous over top and Nectar is my favourite light-gold for inner corner and highlights.

There is definitely a slight inconsistency with the shadows in terms of pigment. The matte shades tend to have the most pigmentation when applied to the lid, however both the satin and matte shades with glitter seem to fall short for the most part. I found that the shimmery shades were good for just that – their shimmering component – while their colour payoff was extremely dim. This is easily fixed by applying the shadow on top of a pigmented base, but it’s worth noting.


The matte glitter shadows in comparison, were a little disappointing. Talk Derby To Me, which is the darkest shade, I found flimsy and lacking pigmentation. When swatching it, I had to go over and over to fill the uneven patches in. I use this one in the outer corner of my eye, so it does the job for a darker, smoky shadow, but it would never be my first choice.

At the end of the day, it’s a really lovely palette that I would definitely recommend. It has its flaws, but I feel that the variation of colours, the high quality of the shadows and the useability of the palette is really what sets it apart. If you haven’t previously bit the bullet and bought an entire eyeshadow palette, I would really recommend this one. To date, this is the only eyeshadow palette I take when travelling, for those reasons.

Have you tried it yet?


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