Hello, it’s me again and welcome to episode nine thousand of me and my shopaholic tendencies.

I will throw it out there first and foremost; ASOS is not my regular stomping ground. One for the fact it is a European-established online store, making shipping longer and more painful, and two because I am well known for my lack of variation when it comes to shopping locations (I’m trying to change this, I promise). ASOS intimidates me a little because of the overwhelming reviews and hauls that scatter the internet, many of them highlighting problems such as low quality and unfortunate shipping delays. Not to judge a company on a couple reviews, but you know, impressions are made.

My opinions were dragged sullenly back by a few pieces I saw floating the internet, such as this jacket, and these green shoes, and this skirt. It kind of reached a point of where I was happy to gamble the negatives just to get my hands on their enormous product range. It was a first world struggle if I ever heard one.

I ended up settling into the website with a cup of coffee and a bit of a ‘well we’ll see what happens’ attitude. I kid you not, 45 minutes later, I’d purchased thirteen items. Thirteen. You say shopaholic, I’ll put my hand up.

My mindset on these pieces was a little transitional. We’re sliding out of summer at the moment (THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY) and spring winds have started slipping through the trees, and I just can’t wait to walk outside and not have sweat dripping down my neck.

The pieces I got are all in-betweeners, but also things I will wear through autumn and then right into winter. They’re not exactly trendy pieces in the sense that they’re fairly neutrally coloured and in many ways basic. But I love them, and I hope you do as well.


ASOS FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Washed Black
Every blogger I know has mentioned these at one point. I figured I might as well try them because I’m a sucker for new jeans, and also – who doesn’t need jeans? – I bought my normal size in washed black, tried them on and promptly made another order for the same in 2 sizes larger (my normal size is tight, and I wanted an oversized pair as well) and also another pair in blue. I’m hooked. They’re so affordable and flattering, and as I said…we all need jeans. I got the leg length 30 and it’s perfectly cropped, but they do have a petite range if you want to go shorter.

ASOS PETITE Mix & Match Highwaist Cigarette Pants
Cigarette pants, particularly in black, came into my life right before Summer and were worn to death until it was physically too hot to do so. A nice, dressier and more comfortable option to jeans, and will smarten up any outfit. Plus, they look banging with loafers.

ASOS PETITE City Maxi Tea Dress in Polka Dot Print
I’m not sure why I bought this. I guess I thought it would be flattering, on-trend with the spots, and would look cool with interesting flats or sneakers and a bright lip. Works in theory, but the fabric is too figure-hugging to look casual, and honestly before I’d even put it on, I knew it was a bit of a flop. This one will either be sent back or to a family member.

ASOS Suede Mini Minimal Duffle Bag
Because I love drawstring bags. This one was affordable, a good size, and black! Where can you go wrong? It’s nicer quality than I thought it would be, and I’m a very happy girl.

Rip N Dip Oversized Button Through Cardigan
I know. I bought a millennial pink cardigan even though the reign of millennial pink is all but dead. Also, I will definitely not be needing something so warm for what feels like months. Still; it’s the most expensive item in the haul and for some reason I had to have it. It’s not great quality and I knew I would be sending it back before I even tried it on. Listen to your fashion intuition, people.

ASOS MALICE Leather Pointed Mules
I want you all to know right now that I will buy any mules in leopard print, ever. I love them. I love the way they look, so casual but classic, with ripped blue jeans, or black pants. I will wear these with everything even though my boyfriend tells me “leopard is so out.” How would he know?

ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Fashion Sunglasses in Pink
I thought it would be fun. I am a diehard black and tortoise-shell sunglass wearer, and always revolve around the same shapes. I figured I might as well expand my sunglasses margins and so I started here. Opinion? Weird. But I think they’ll grow on me.

ASOS Tailored Linen Prom Skirt
All the hopes were in store for this one. In theory, it’s just so wonderful. Comfortable, stylish, flattering waist and easy colour. In reality, I look like a potato sack with a very short torso. The skirt has pockets, but the fabric is so thin it’s sheer, so unfortunately, we wave this one goodbye.

ASOS PETITE Button Through Linen Midi Sundress
A dress that actually works! Basic, black, midi-length (appropriate for all seasons, thank you very much) and a true easy piece. It’s going to be a good staple.

Hype Badge Backpack
I needed a new gym bag. I don’t really have a lot more to say except that yes I bought it in pink because my gym clothes are all black and I’m trying to incorporate colour.

ASOS Gold Plated Sterling Silver Face Profile Earrings
A design that’s floating the fashion realm at the moment, I actually thought these earrings would be a lot bigger than they are. As it is, they are what I would consider small. I love them though, and have worn them every day since buying.

ASOS Pack of 2 Bow Hair Scrunchies
Another thing that’s really not totally necessary but hey, who doesn’t use scrunchies every now and then.

Selected Stripe Tee
Took the tags off this one right away, because the fabric is soft and how could you go wrong with a t-shirt? I bought it in an XS so that it would be tighter, but the neckline is so high it’s restricting, which may be fine in winter, but I can assure you, in summer it’s hell. Will probably reserve this for the gym in the cooler months.


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