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Who doesn’t love a good post about the sweetest and most adoring little animals that roamed the planet? Not going to lie, even if you aren’t so interested, I totally am. My two puppies (almost one year old, will stop calling them puppies then, I promise) are half dachshund and half jack russell, fast and frivolous and completely affectionate. I love them more than I ever really thought I could love something (so help me when I have children).


However even though we expected that despite the cute and loving nature of the dogs, there would be mischief and frustrations, we didn’t quite gather the whole picture of what we were getting into. Thankfully we’re adaptable and everything worked out wonderfully, but for those thinking of perhaps getting into the dog-parenting world, please take a few warnings before you rush ahead.

You Will Be Thankful You Bought the Gucci Knock-Offs Instead of The Real Thing

Your puppy will chew every single thing you leave in reach. Do yourself a favour and invest in shoe racks. And for God’s sake don’t leave makeup on the floor.

You Will Want to Leave Them Outside Without Dinner One Second, and Snuggle Into The Couch With Them The Next

There is no consistency of emotions with puppies. Learn that now. If you think you’re calm and in control, think again.

You Will Become Parents Even Though They’re Just Dogs

Hey you wanna know what it’s like waking up at 4AM to puppy howls for six months in a row? Awesome! Get ready to kick your partner in the shin when it’s his turn to tell them to be quiet.

People Will Start Turning Up at Your House All the Time

And let us be clear. It isn’t for you. It’s for the puppies. Don’t be fooled for one moment when that girl you went to primary school with says she ‘wants to catch up at yours.’ Unfortunately, your only friend will temporarily be your partner. And your dogs.

You Will Wrestle on the Floor with Your Puppy Even Though It Is No Bigger Than Your Foot

So small, but so determined. You will let it win because it is adorable, but will regret it when he gets older.

On That Note, You Will Get Used to Having Pin-Pricks All Over Your Body

Such a cute puppy. Surely their teeth couldn’t be that sharp. THINK AGAIN. And now remember they don’t change over to adult teeth until about the 10-month mark.

Say Goodbye to Sitting on The Couch by Yourself

You wanna know where the comfiest place is? Where you’re sitting. Even if you move. Be prepared to sacrifice every comfy place on the couch and revert to sitting on the floor.

Say Hello to a Lotta Instagram Likes

Shallow AF, but I’m not going to lie. Before I had puppies, I would have died before liking my own Instagram post. I now like every one that has a puppy. Case closed.

It’s a roller-coaster of emotion but they will change your life in a really, really good way. 10/10 recommend you get a puppy, and highly recommend you consider adopting. (We wanted to adopt, but needed to have dogs that would be family friendly for when we had kids, so didn’t.)

Here are a couple pics to make your day xxx



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