I would personally give up makeup before hand cream. Is that okay?

I’m not going to lie, I am a complete grandma when it comes to hand creams. I love them! Everything about them! Luxury for your hands. What a concept. I am the person who will empty out their purse and have four or five hand creams fall out. No idea how they get there, they just do. And I’m not mad. I am literally the person who will lean out in the cinema and whisper down my row of friends, “anyone need some?” and wave around a small tube of the stuff. I’m not ashamed. Who doesn’t love the romance of good smelling hands? Not me that’s for sure.

While I obviously have far – far – more than five hand creams that I happily use on the regular, the five I’m about to show you are my be all and end all of these lotions. If there was an apocalypse right now, I would hide under my desk clutching all five of these. True story. They’re creamy but not sticky, dense but not difficult. They smell gorgeous and they actually make for a pretty good Instagram photo (win win).

If you love your hands too, please treat yourself, because these are so good.

Soap & Glory Hand Food – Hydrating Hand Cream
This is such a win, because for one, you get so much product, and two, it’s insanely inexpensive. And it smells so good! Such a great basic. I keep this one at my desk.

Rodin Olio Lusso – Crema Luxury Hand & Body Cream
I don’t even have words. This one is the most luxurious of hand creams. It is packaged gorgeously, smells divine and honestly makes me take a deep breath every time I use it. This one sits by my bed and I use it whenever I can.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm
From a brand I adore, this natural and soothing hand balm smells like a spa and is truly a gorgeous experience. This one stays in my daily handbag.

Bastide Ambre Soir Hand Cream
Small enough to take anywhere, this hand cream is on the list because it smells incredible. A mixture of lavender and shea, this one is highly hydrating. Comes with me everywhere.

Korres Almond Oil and Calendula Hand Cream
This one is truly nourishing. I tend to gravitate towards it after showering or cooking, when my hands really need a good hit. Smells of home and does the job well. Plus it’s pretty

And there you have it! A list of hand creams that make my every day so much sweeter. Here’s to having soft hands! (clinks glasses)


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