Ugh I can hear the groans already.

Unfortunately, I have always been of the unpopular opinion, that Mondays rock. I love Mondays. Same way I love mornings and I love that feel of a fresh and new day or week or year. I am a genuine Monday Advocate, and more often than not, I wake up with a spring in my step on the first workday of the week.

After living 22 years with this mindset, it has become inescapably clear to me that others do not enjoy to share this opinion. Mondays are awful, apparently.

I can’t make you change your life’s mindset, nor can I alter your sleeping patterns or productivity levels, but I can share with you why my mind somehow finds Mondays absolutely wonderful, and a couple tips to try to get you there too.

Hope you’ve had a coffee, I feel like you may need one for this post.

Mondays Are A Fresh Start

Seriously, it’s like New Years but less hangover and more work colleagues.  Put some caffeine into you and get those resolutions going. Book in to that yoga class, smile at your boss and get some shit done. I highly recommend working out on a Monday. It’s awful getting there, but once you do, it really kickstarts your week and proves to yourself that YOU GOT THIS.

Mondays Are an Opportunity to Do Better

Think about it. Everyone else is glumly staring into their lukewarm coffee, but not you! You are ready to go, luminized up, emails open and big-girl-pants on. Good way to kick into this mood is by making a bigger effort on Monday than other days. I personally wear more makeup and make an effort with my outfits on Mondays and Fridays, because I need to feel good about myself on those days in particular.

Mondays Are an Excuse to TREAT YO SELF

Yay! You go girl! You get that blueberry muffin with your morning coffee! That jumper you’ve been eyeing off on sale? Treat yo self! Been wondering whether you should just go for it and plan that Barbados getaway? You open up that Pinterest board and get going!

Side note…may wanna make yourself financially responsible first. Ain’t nobody wanna get into debt on a Monday.

Other side note…if you’re really looking for something to treat yourself with…highly recommend checking out the following:

Mondays Are Great for Organising

This is in line with the ‘new week’ thing. I love sitting down first thing on a Monday and writing out a list for the day and then the week. If it makes it any easier, these notebooks here, here, here and here will make your organising self so happy.

Happy Monday Lovers!


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