Have you ever bought something offhandedly, and then had it change your life? Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but a similar effect to what happened.

Back in January, I pre-ordered the I See You Necklace from YCL Jewels at the recommendation of both sisters. Shallow as I am, I didn’t really want to order it, because it would take up to 10 days to come to me, and when you’re accustomed to same-day shipping, it was a bit of a stretch.

But they assured me I would love the thing, and dammit they were right. I’ve worn it almost every day since and placed a couple other sneaky orders too (these ones were ready and came in 2 days, YAY). YCL is a delicately handcrafted jewellery brand that in my opinion just really nails it when it comes to their gold plated items. The pieces are soft and simple, but different and meaningful, and they have quite literally taken both my style and the way I feel about my style, to the next level.


Let me explain this. I never really wore a lot of jewellery. I had one sterling silver necklace that I wore everywhere. I wore it to the beach, to bed, in the shower, to the gym, everywhere. It came with me on holidays, to weddings, to parties and everything in between. I didn’t particularly like it, but it held up well and always appeared shiny and made me look like I took better care of myself than I really did. With it, I would wear one simple silver band on my right hand fourth finger. That ring was battered and dirty but I wore it because jewellery makes you look so much more pulled together!

I am fussy about jewellery in the sense that I really dislike wearing low quality pieces. I don’t like that they rub on the skin, or that you need to be ultra careful about water touching them. This is what’s good about YCL pieces. They’re special and well made, and are priced a little higher, but I mean, if you fall in love with them the way I did, you won’t mind paying.


YCL pieces are beautiful when layered and hold such stunning simplicity when worn alone. I like to wear my Stepping Stone Disk Choker along with the I See You Necklace, or my Constellation Long Necklace on its own.

I have a bunch of pieces that I’m still eyeing off on the daily (seriously, I am unstoppable), which I’ve linked below. I particularly want the Amphitrite Ring but my size is currently out of stock.

Do yourself a favour and pop over to their stunning Instagram @ycljewels or take a look at their website, because their pieces are just stunning and make gorgeous gifts to others (or yourself).



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