I bought this palette the very second I received the email from Sephora announcing its arrival. Just like that. Straight into the basket, at my place two days later.

The colours in this set are the reason alone that I needed it. The mixture of dusty but dazzling rust and red tones is enough to make anyone swoon.


I know I say that I’m a neutral eyeshadow lover. And I am. But there is something about the magic of copper and red-gold tones that make blue eyes go wild. And trust me I’m all about that. Give me a good red toned eyeshadow and I will unapologetically go ham, regardless of the occasion.

The palette comes in at a decent $69AU (give or take) and is a pretty good size with a variation of twelve shadows, both matte and shimmery. The packaging is actually sleeker than I thought it would be in person. I’m not a great fan of the flaming artwork on the front, but that’s just me. I really couldn’t care less once I’ve opened the palette and am greeted with all that golden goodness inside.

I tried this palette a couple times incorporated into my everyday makeup, and I can testify with great confidence that the colours latte and cashmere are wonderfully creamy and highly pigmented for your basic neutral staples. After growing well accustomed to these along with the other mattes (big fan of the rusty tone warmth) I began to stretch further into experimentation, going for shades like flame (a stunning shimmering auburn) and crackle, a deeply warm brown with gold flecks. The names are all reflecting of the toasted theme, and have I said how much I love the warm colours? This palette is a game changer people.


Even though the colours are predominantly browns and oranges with appropriate highlights, I managed to create multiple levels of different eye looks, using this palette alone. If you find the warmer colours flattering on you, this will be a true staple in your kit. I personally love to create neutral eye looks for the day and then bump it up a few notches at night with the same palette.

The longevity of this palette is also to be noted. I wore an eye look for a straight seven hours (no primer, but used a concealer base – Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme) and it stayed without creasing. Without creasing people. Like I said, game changer.

If I haven’t stressed it enough, this palette will honestly make you day. It smells sweetly, I’m guessing something like marshmallows, and is just such a beautiful addition to your makeup collection. I bought this to trial with and honestly thought I would reserve it predominantly for night’s out and the like, due to the high levels of glitter, but wouldn’t you know it, I use this every day. Every single day. It’s $69 dollars at Sephora, and honestly I would buy it again. Totally recommend.

What are your thoughts people?



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