Will be wearing these until the day I die, okay thank you.

Drawstring bags starting hitting shelves quite a while ago, but for a long time I didn’t take any notice because they reminded me of how my gym bag looked back in the day where we were forced to do PE as awkward 11-year-olds at school.

But being the experimental and daring fashionista I am (furthest thing from the truth but anyway), I have since come to terms with the potato sack with drawstring. Go me!

Obviously I would have to be an insanely incomprehensible human to not appreciate the beauty of my first purchase. This stunner made by the brand From St Xaviar. I bought this a few months ago and sadly it is no longer available online. Although, while this bag in particular isn’t available…they literally have an entire page section dedicated to drawstring bags! I didn’t know this until I just looked it up and wow. Just wow. Those colours, that style.

The style is identical to the one I have, but as From St Xaviar is known for doing, the colours are brash and loud and textures are not withholding anything. This one in particular is really creeping fast into my heart.

I find with drawstring bags, they bring such an extreme level of casualness to an outfit that you don’t ever need to worry about being overdressed. You could literally be wearing an evening gown, but with this, you’re just casual, relaxed, really beachy and cool. I don’t know how a bag along does all of that, but I sure am glad it does.

If you’re in it for something simpler and a little more paired back, I bought this one on ASOS recently, and it’s so subtle that it honestly works with everything I have. And because it is similar to a bucket-bag style, it fits so much, with no awkward bumps sticking out. I’m honestly so sold on this thing. Because drawstring bags are without doubt the coolest and most relaxed style I’m embracing at the moment, I’ve compiled a list of all the ones I need and will probably finish writing this and buy. I’m not ashamed, I’m just very cool and casual and need them all okay?

Happy shopping pretty things x


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