Another month done, and I’m still here sipping tea.

At the end of every month I feel a great relief and then sudden nervousness, because though I made it through successfully another 30 or so days, here we go again. March was a month of hard work. There was a lot of future planning, a lot of freak outs, and a lot of realising our dogs are no longer puppies and are a little naughtier than we’d like. #parenting, I know.

Fortunately there are some really exceptionally good things that I loved this month, and because I know that I will never be the only person in the world who needs a bit of relief from this thing called life, I’m here to share them with you.

1 – Sex and the City (seasons 1-6). I technically started watching these a little earlier in the year, but March was the month that I rewatched episodes again and again and again. I love Carrie Bradshaw, and I love Miranda. I can’t get enough of Steve and my grudge with Big is enough to keep me interested. I never thought another show could make me calm down the same way FRIENDS could, but somehow this show has done exactly that. Does that mean I’m growing up? Something about watching girls ten years older than me freak out about things I too am freaking out over, is calming at the very most.

2 – Podcasts. Yes sir, I am back, right onto the podcast train. So much so, I purchased a bougey pair of wireless sound-cancelling headphones to provide me with the greatest listening experience ever. I know, it’s extra, but I tell you this; worth it. (Keep an eye out next month for a full review). I’m currently listening to Casefile True Crime, and like all crime/mystery/murder podcasts before me, I am utterly hooked. I’ve also been back-listening to Lily and Anna’s podcast At Home With, and I’m loving that too – if I’m honest I mostly listen to this to calm myself down after listening to the crime one. No shame.

3 – These Shoes. Let me tell you this right now. Sam Edelman can do no wrong. At all. Ever. I purchased these the second I saw them online and have worn them to death since. I’m twenty-two and have been wearing black flats my whole life, and having a version of the versatile piece which is a little different, a little classy and a little stylish, makes me very happy. They work with every outfit, are super comfortable, and have a pointed toe. I will never need to buy shoes again. *ALSO THESE SHOES ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE!

4 – The Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory. This scrub comes in at $14 (!!!) and is a giant pot with a lusciously scented scrub inside. I sit this next to the bath and use it before I get out and my skin has never been so smooth! It smells sweet like butterscotch, but is not overpowering and contains oats and a milky residue which really softens the skin. My tanning lotion has been applying easier and lasting far longer and this is the first time in my life that the chore of skin exfoliation has not driven me crazy. Highly recommend this product and will totally be buying it again!

5 – Byredo’s Burning Rose Candle. It smells just like it sounds. Burning rose petals. If typical rose scents are a little too much for you (I feel you), this one is going to be a gorgeous medium. The musky burnt scent mixed with the roses transforms into a deep and woody but familiar scent. I can’t get enough of it and it is my constant bath companion. Planning on purchasing another without a tinge of guilt. Mecca also has a mini size if you’re not ready to commit! What more do you need?

On the candle note, what are your favourites? I’ve decided to quite repurchasing and actually start finding new scents, you know?

Hope your March was just as lovely! See you here Monday for the first of many April posts xxx

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