The moment you realise you’re nearing a third of the way through 2018. How? Seriously how?

It’s April second and we’re slapped right in the middle of Autumn and I couldn’t be happier. We are four days away from something insanely exciting that I will be posting non-stop about in a very short time and the weather is finally approving jumpers and jeans. God bless this season, I’ve never been so desperate to live my life in slouchy knits and oversized jeans than I am now.

I am currently curled up at my desk with a sneaky hot cross bun (hashtag grateful for post-Easter discounted carbs) and a coffee, wearing this knit and these jeans. I’m also wearing socks with dachshunds on them, because I am an obsessive dog-mother and I can’t control my love for them.

April is, and I say this with limited suppression, going to be a crazy month. Actually crazy. I am anticipating many cups of tea, many what am I doing moments, and a whole lot of emotions.

Aside from the BIG EXCITING THING coming this month (keep an eye out on the 12th for the full post if you haven’t spied it on Instagram yet), April is full to excess. Corey, who is without question the handiest, most patient and gorgeous human alive, has his birthday on the 19th and while we likely won’t be leaving home for it, I’m still planning a few small surprises. (again – check it all out at the time on Instagram). April is also the month where I plan to A) sort my wardrobe out once and for all (probably resulting more in various storage situations and less in a throw-out solution. Capsule wardrobes are not my thing) and B) figure out how the heck I can store all my makeup and skincare without wanting to throw the whole collection out because MESS. I know. Setting myself all the challenges this month, and it is highly unlikely I will even have one spare moment to contemplate these (again: BIG SECRET COMING), but hey, I live in hope.


March was a month that was full to the brim of life stuff which is annoyingly elusive, but really not necessarily bloggable. To sum up, I had a lot of late night baths, used a lot of de-stress aromatherapy oils, and drunk copious amounts of tea. I also cried a lot and watched Friends bloopers on repeat. I call this the grandé ascent into adulthood and March was one of those months where I lay awake dreaming of being fifteen again (but secretly glad I’m not because I had awful eyebrows and an attitude).

April, therefore, is a brand-new start in which I will stop eating chocolate eggs as means of cushioning my emotional state, finally get around to making all those ASOS returns, and quit wearing activewear to work (LOL just kidding, my life revolves around compression tights).

This month, taking more fashion photos is on the agenda. I don’t know how I do it, but, though I spend a significant amount of time getting dressed and doing my makeup, somehow I never get around to taking a photo to document said look. You’re not disappointed, I’m disappointed. All those beautiful pieces lined up in my wardrobe, and only me to gaze lovingly at them in the privacy of my own home. Medieval, right?

And that’s it! Meet here, same place, same time, in approximately 30 days for another round up, which will hopefully be written by a marginally improved version of myself, who will still be gushing about THE BIG SURPRISE and will potentially have a far tidier makeup and skincare collection.

Much love to each and everyone xoxo



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