Apparently it’s good! Let’s try it!

Back in February while I was getting colour tested for another Nars Sheer Glow (Santa Fe) , the lovely girl offhandedly said, “the new one is actually a lot better for oiler skin-types so you might like it.” I didn’t buy it then, no that would be ridiculous. Buying two basically identical foundations in one sitting. No, instead I walked out with the Sheer Glow alone, drove all the way home feeling compounding regret at not purchasing it, and then promptly bought it online in the same shade.

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation says enough in the name. It might as well be called¬†Nars Foundation: Lasts Longer Than Sheer Glow But Still Natural And “Glowy” (we all know Sheer Glow is neither sheer nor particularly glowy, so I had little hope for this version). I purchased it with the intent to use it more as a night-out foundation, rather than my Sheer Glow, which I tend to use (with a very wet sponge for lighter application) for daywear. On first application – this bottle is taller than Sheer Glow and comes with a pump PRAISE THE LORD – the foundation is a little thicker than Sheer Glow, higher in coverage and a little sticky. I did not like it at all, until about ten minutes in when it had sunk into my skin properly. Unlike Sheer Glow, it takes a while to meld correctly with your skin.



At first, Radiant Longwear has the same velvety finish as Sheer Glow, but I found that because coverage was greater, it lacked the natural appearance that is achievable with Sheer Glow (if applied correctly). Nars foundations have all been designed to be applied with fingers, as the body heat tends to encourage a better merge onto the skin, so I did this but still found that a natural finish was sacrificed for longevity. This doesn’t bother me, because sometimes you need something firmer, but it’s worth noting. Once makeup was all applied, the finish transformed into a matte base. If your skin is oily or combination like mine, you’ll have no issues with this, but I personally feel that it could be a bit of a nightmare for very dry skin types.



Radiant Longwear is, among other things, a matte finish. I don’t care what you say, it’s matte. I wore a light powder overtop but I’m not sure I needed even that. I personally found that the longevity of Radiant Longwear, extremely good. It remained unchanged for a couple of hours and then began to crease around the five hour mark. For a foundation that claims 16 hour wear, this seemed acceptable. After seven hours, the coverage was lacking a little around the mouth, and was beginning to look a little shiny around the nose. At nine hours, it was still in good shape (I would still go out like that), but I decided to remove it. Worth noting, that removing it, despite the fact it was full coverage and matte, was extremely easy. I used Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm and had no issues.

As a whole, I found that this particular foundation was really nice. Being a combination skin type, the matte finish and strong longevity work highly in my favour. While the coverage is a little more than I prefer for every day, this is one foundation I’ll definitely be grabbing for evenings out and weekends.

Let me know if you’ve tried it!


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