Hi I’m Bonnie and I shop way too much for my own good.

Ah, the start of another month, another few weeks of outfit possibilities! Stores are currently teeming with transitional clothing items. People are actually selling knitwear! It’s a wonderful time, and I’ve never been more grateful to have new warm clothes. I’m tired of summer dresses and skirts, I’m going to be completely honest.

And so, in the spirit of UPDATING MY WARDROBE FOR BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS, here are a couple pieces that I purchased recently. Let me know your thoughts!

This Sam Edelman Bag
I have only lovely things to say about this gorgeous raffia number. It’s quirky and on-trend and totally not an autumn piece, but I’m just crazy about it. I’m obsessed with anything from Sam Edelman and this one is no different. I love the gold detailing, the size, the general bulky shape and most of all the fact that it is a magical Mary Poppins bag and fits everything inside. I have been wearing this to absolute death and will only stop when temperatures fall below 15.

These One Teaspoon Jeans
Risqué right? White and straight leg. If you know me, this isn’t a normal combo for me. I’ve steered clear of white jeans for the last few seasons because they just aren’t flattering to the normal-sized leg. This is the season, however, where I decide to forgo ‘flattering’ shapes in order to enjoy my own style experimentation. These are surprisingly flattering with the right shirt, plus they’re thick and good quality enough that you don’t see you skin underneath!

And These Shevoke Sunglasses
Corey burst into uncontrollable laughter when I bought these and proceeded to slam me in the group chat as a ‘speed dealer’. I don’t disagree, but I mean, fashion! I needed to try them! I still can’t make them work, but I’m trying and they were super inexpensive anyway. NB: I JUST WENT BACK AND CHECKED, AND THEY’RE NOT INEXPENSIVE. WHAT WAS I THINKING.

This We Are Kindred Dress
Mm, all the good things here. Long, flowy, flattering and super classy. I have a massive thing for maxi dresses these days, which is strange after years of staying away because I’m only 5″4. This one is extremely beautiful in colour and print. Not a ‘trendy’ piece so to speak, but one I’m sure I’ll be keeping around for years to come. Adore this.

The Upside Track pants
I’ve been looking for the perfect ‘nice-looking’ track pants for a good month. I wanted a pair that I wouldn’t feel horrendous wearing when friends came round (we’re super casual when we have hang-outs at home). My Bonds trackies, which I love, pill after a handful of washes, and though they’re still so comfortable, I simply can’t bring myself to wear them in front of anyone other than Corey. These ones from The Upside are perfect. I originally sized up, but then returned them and went back to my normal size, because they were very large. My normal size is loose on the leg, tight on the ankle, and comfortable on the waist. They have a high-waist and would you believe it, these are actually super flattering on the bum! I know! Amazing! Can’t get enough of these.

This (Killer) Loeffler Randall Clutch
I bought this on a whim at 9:55pm one evening, because next-day-shipping for The Iconic cuts off at 10pm. I thought it would be a return but as soon as I received it, I could not put it down. I’ve had it almost two weeks and worn it every second day. It’s bright, it’s different and it isn’t my normal style but I just can’t get enough of it. Beautifully made, it is based with a perfectly gorgeous beige leather and has an inconspicuous silver zipper. Without doubt the favourite of this list. Side note, just realised they also sell it in the complete natural/beige colour. May need that too!

This Assembly Label Silk Number
How long can I rave about Assembly Label? This is hands down, my favourite go-to everyday brand. I have never been disappointed with the comfortable and easily flattering pieces from these guys. This silk dress is next level. I bought it in my usual size and it is highly flattering, cropped at just the right place, and perfect for those humid days we’ve been getting. It’s annoying to wash, but otherwise I adore this piece.

This Cloverpost Signet Ring
I’ve wanted a signet ring for the longest time but haven’t found one that was just the right size. I wear this one on my pointer finger and it is perfect. Comfortable, easy to style and just the right amount of bulk. Not much more to say about this one except that I’ve been wearing it constantly. Highly recommend grabbing a ring in this style! They add such a look of refinement to an outfit!

Assembly Label (again) Knit
Because I just can’t get enough of Assembly Label. I bought this knit a little while ago because I’m having a major moment with this olive green colour. I didn’t think it would be as much of a hit as it is, but I wear this all the time. The high neck and lazy comfort of this style is such a winner. Surprisingly it even works with the aforementioned silk dress, being of a similar colour tone. It’s light but not airy, and is perfect for the cooler evenings these days.

These Wittner Loafers
Finally! An autumn-appropriate piece! These loafers are nothing special in the sense that they are a classic fit, do not have a pointed toe (I know, who am I), and a fully black leather. But they are so comfortable. They’ve been cushioned to the heavens, and if you work an office job or commute a lot, please look into buying these for yourself. They’re a dream to walk in, fit true to size, and work with the bulk of any wardrobe. Perfect for an everyday shoe that’s a little fancier than your sneakers. Plus they’re on sale!



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