The name’s a mouthful, but these babies are going to improve your life.

Look, I know this is a little random. I’m a bit of a beauty/fashion girl and bulky headphones don’t really slot into that category, I know. But these are so good! For all the readers out there who travel, work out, take their dogs on walks or just sometimes need to zone out, these are really for you. Now please grab a cup of tea while I gush about these headphones for a couple more paragraphs.


I’ve wanted some good headphones since January, when my old faithfuls (the Sony MDRZX110APB Extra Bass Smartphone headphones) were stolen by my one and only love Corey on both flights to and from Japan. I love him, but talk about sacrifice. I decided then and there that he could have my $50 pair – which by the way, are a killer option and have done me well for almost four years – and I was off to invest in a proper pair that would be mine and mine alone. Sharing unfortunately isn’t my thing. I’m working on it.

I determined early on that noise-cancelling was a must. I’m one of those people who likes to hear their music loud and clear and I know for a fact that people around me can hear, word-for-word every podcast, song and audiobook I listen to. This is something I planned on fixing. In line with this, I wanted over-ear headphones. If you’ve ever travelled long-haul (which is essentially everywhere from Australia) with your iPhone headphones in ear, you’ll know about the splitting ear/headache that arrives shortly after take-off. Over-ear headphones are kind of like a tracksuit. They don’t look as good as jeans, or even tights, but dammit they’re comfortable. And besides, people like Kanye are making them cool again. Right?
These were my only requirements, until I realised that if I was going all out and getting a good pair of headphones, I might as well make sure they’re wireless. Pushing my headphone cords out of the way while working out and inflight is something I’ve accustomed myself to without complaint. I’m not so out-of-touch with reality that I believe I shouldn’t be subject to these small inconveniences. But I mean, a life without cords? I decided to investigate.

As it turns out, pricing wasn’t too different from cord to cordless, so I decided to go for a Bluetooth pair, and ultimately ended up with a pair that connected via Bluetooth, but also have a cord in case of emergency. Best of both worlds, if you will.


I originally had my eye on the Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. These come in at about $380 (more on price-point in a second), and I liked the range of colours – was crazy about the white – and for some reason there is still a bit of a cult reputation about Beats, which I’m guessing is why I gravitated that way.

After reading a bunch of reviews, the outstanding opinion was unarguable. Beats were more about the look and less about the quality. For $380 this wasn’t really good enough. I researched further, and can I say – GOD BLESS THE GEEKS OF THIS WORLD – because without them, I would know nothing. I am so grateful for tech blogs.

A lot of reviews touched on Bose for being one of the more superior brands when it came to headphones. A tight contender was another Sony pair, but I preferred the look to the Bose over-ears. These headphones, which I ended up purchasing, come in at around $500 (you’re not crying, I’m crying), and I opted for black, because, and let’s be real: if I’m paying this price, I am not going to worry myself with getting makeup on them. So there. In the end, I sacrificed a little trend for practicality. To be sure, I certainly did go in-store about 3-4 times to test them out. They are so expensive! I needed to be sure!

At the end of the day, I did pay the price, because let’s face it. It’s a piece of technical equipment of which I use 5-6 times a week and more when travelling. I wanted to invest in a better-quality piece, and invest I did. I tried to remind myself of price per wear. In five years, it’s about $0.30 per use, and that’s without taking into account travel. I can live with that, all things considered.


The Bose headphones connect via Bluetooth using a small switch on the outer-face of one ear. Bose also has an app which is helpful, but not necessary in the connecting process. When you originally connect, the headphones will tell you how much battery percentage is left (once this is out, you’ll have to recharge to continue using Bluetooth, otherwise attach the cord) and will also tell you what device you are connected to.

The ears are extremely comfortable. Pillows for your ears, in a nutshell. They are cushiony but still practical, and the sound system is a dream. Don’t even start me on the bass. The Bluetooth has a 20 hour battery life and sound controls can be adjusted via small buttons on the side of the earpiece.


The headphones curl up into a hard case, which is light and durable and very easy for travelling, throwing in your gym bag, or whatever you might do with it. As someone who loves a bit of efficient space use, this makes me very happy.

Personally I’ve been happily listening away to Casefile True Crime, an Australian podcast on grisly murders and such, as well as a couple of my old favourite artists, such as Passenger.

To sum up, these headphones are an expensive buy, but, for the right person, they are very, very useful. If you have a loved one who is big on their music, gaming or just listening to things in general, I would totally recommend taking a look at these. They’re the Chanel of bags, so to speak.

That’s me for now my friends! I’ll see you the day after tomorrow in another post!


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