Let us slather up our faces together.

I always hated moisturisers. If you grew up through the torrid waters of puberty with similarly oily skin to myself, you’ll understand. I hated oil. Hated it. It drove me crazy the way I would wake up, face slick, and have to scrub it ferociously with a towel, morning after morning. But here’s the thing about that skin on your face. It changes. And one day you’ll wake up and it won’t be oily, and you’ll do a little happy dance and go and make some tea. It’s worth mentioning that despite the fact your skin stresses are over, now is usually the time of life you’ll start panicking about ‘significant others,’ ‘career choices,’ ‘friends’ and ‘how do I survive if I can’t cook anything but 2-minute-noodles’. 

I started wearing moisturisers properly at the age of 22, and man it changed everything. I wish I could go back and shake 15-year-old me by the shoulders and say, “just wash your face, moisturise it, and then forget about it!” I guarantee that 15-year-old me would have given that instruction zero attention, but it’s the thought that counts.


The world of moisturisers is more vast than I ever expected. There are hydrating moisturisers, nourishing moisturisers, oil-free moisturisers, night moisturisers and day moisturisers. There are moisturisers for dry skin, moisturisers for dehydrated skin. Moisturisers for sensitive skin, skin you’ve recently tanned, old skin, young skin, rough skin, flakey skin, moisturisers to wear under makeup, over skincare, under skincare, it never ever stops. Have I said moisturisers enough in this paragraph? Probably, but here it is again: moisturisers. Just so we’re clear on the topic of this blog post.

There are seven (technically eight but one is a dupe) ride-or-die moisturisers that I have sitting around my house at all times. I’ve become a complete skincare snob, I know, but once you start rubbing these cooling gems on your face, you really can’t stop. Buying a new moisturiser is how I imagine crack addicts would feel getting their next stash. Can I say that on this blog? Maybe not.

I digress. Let us delve into the good stuff:

Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 1 – Origins Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream

A mouthful, but this is my go-to everyday moisturiser in the mornings. It smells of fresh citrus and genuinely does wake you up that little bit more. It’s very creamy and totally hydrating. A thicker consistency than someone with oily skin might light, but does the job, smells great and personally, is a moisturiser that I really enjoy putting on my face. It’s $41 from Mecca, but lasts ages, so price per use is pretty great.


Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 2 – Garnier Skin Miracle Sleeping Night Cream

I’ve been using this for about 2 years and still haven’t stopped repurchasing (side note, the day cream version is fab too). It’s nourishing without being overly-creamy, and doesn’t leave my face with a film of oil in the morning. It’s also the softest cream I’ve ever used. For about $20, it’s pretty excellent.

Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 3 – Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream

This green-toned gel is water-based and extremely cooling on the skin. Because of the lack of oil, I tend to use this before I work out for a lighter cover, and also when my skin feels less dry. It’s a really great way to inject a bit of moisture into your skin without sacrificing your natural oil balance. I love this one for the warmer days.


Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 4 – Sephora Collection Nourishing Velvet Cream in Cotton Flower

This velvety cream is exactly how it sounds. Totally creamy and indulgent, it’s light, moisturising, and only $18! (Sephora is in the process of bringing out a new version here which costs only $8!!!). It’s easy and multi-use and I tend to take this one travelling because it works as a handcream as well.

Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 5 – Burt’s Bees Brightening Even Tone Moisturising Cream

Exactly how it sounds, this cream has a light skin-tone to it, that evens out the complexion. Understandably I only wear this prior to putting makeup on, as there is no need for the extra colouring any other time. However, the glowy and bright formula is beautiful underneath your usual makeup routine, and it will leave your face nourished all day long. Burt’s Bees are well known for their natural approach to skincare, and this product is no different.


Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 6 – Dr Lenwinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Day & Night Cream

This one is my favourite in terms of luxury-feel. It’s $70 for the 50g, clocking it in as priciest (but I mean…compare it to La Mer’s $665 soft cream, it’s not so bad!) but most beautiful-feeling for sure. This cream claims to increase skin luminosity by 152% and is thick and velvety and a soft pink in colour. It is the most nourishing of my favourite moisturisers, and I tend to gravitate towards this one after stressful days (the luminosity claim is actually viable! you can see a difference with one use) and when I’ve been out in the elements. It’s happy to be used in day or nighttime, and I find that flexibility great. If you’re wanting a bit of a splurge for your skincare, I completely think you should go and test this one out. And if it’s too pricey…I’ve seen mini versions floating around too!


Lifechanging Moisturiser No. 7 – Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel

Firstly: This is a dead-on dupe for Clinique’s Moisture Surge Hydrator. It’s the same water-based long-lasting hydration consistency and if you close your eyes you cannot tell the difference in feel. I’ve tested them both, and with a price difference of $35, it’s crazy the similarity.

Clinique’s products are a steady staple in my skincare cupboard. I’ve never been disappointed, and have been using Clinique’s Moisture Surge for a little while now. I bought the small sample size and had been using it when Neutrogena’s Hydro-Boost came into my life. While Moisture-Surge is pink and Hydro-Boost (literally, they’re synonyms for each other) is blue, the consistencies are identical. Neutrogena was the first skincare brand I ever really trusted as a young teenager. It was the only one that didn’t really irritate my skin, but was still effective. I still trust it today, and this was only confirmed by the high quality of this moisturiser. It’s very light – lighter than the Philosophy Gel Cream – but so luscious. It is as if you’re continually bathing your skin in cooling water. This one is only $25 and is absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to everyone, and frankly, if you’ve got it, don’t bother with the Clinique.

Hope you’ve spotted some favourites in this post! Let me know your top picks!



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