This ladies and gentlemen, was an adventure and a half.

Mecca Max, the baby of Mecca Cosmetica, my favourite shop in the whole wide world (when it comes to makeup) with its bright and appealing packaging and wide variety of products. I’ve steered away from this brand in the past, because it is without doubt the most inexpensive range in store, and also because for some reason I assume it is the home brand of Mecca. I apologise for that.

I bought a variety of items from the range, including a luminising primer, eyeshadow and blush. Some where fabulous and have scurried their way into my daily makeup routine, but others…well they wouldn’t exactly receive a standing ovation from myself.


MECCA MAX Bring on Bright Illuminating Primer
Likely one of my favourite products I purchased, the illuminating primer is a glimmering moisturising primer that adds an intense shine to the face. I wouldn’t wear it alone, but under a BB cream or foundation, it transforms into a healthy glow that really enhances your skin. I love this stuff and while the longevity isn’t as good as my trusty Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer, I’ve absolutely been loving this on warmer days.

MECCA MAX Game Face BB Cream
I bought the BB cream in the shade light/medium and while I’m not disappointed in it, I just wish it had a little more coverage. Because I found it so sheer, I’m fairly sure none of the shades would have looked outrageous on me. The formula is moisturising and for my skin, needed setting to last. I didn’t mind this one, but wouldn’t repurchase because my skin isn’t dry enough to really appreciate it.

MECCA MAX Lifeproof Cream Concealer
And here, my friends, is the first product that made me purse my lips, Miranda Priestley style. I’m a diehard fan of my Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer, so I had high standards to begin with. My skin is on the oilier side, however I did think that with a good setting powder, I would be okay. I was wrong. This concealer was extremely sticky and so thick (thicc, if you will). It was impossible to work with under the eyes, as it highlighted pores and was heavy and dull. It was better on breakouts but still made the skin around look cakey. This is one I’ll put aside for heavy-duty fancy dress makeup, and nothing else.

MECCA MAX Chic Cheek Blush Powder in Gold Glow
The colour range of these blushes is minimal. Three shades are available: Pink Pop (a bright fuchsia), Candy Coral (a bright coral), and Gold Glow, which on the website looks like a bronze-based orangy coral, but in reality is very similar to Nars Orgasm. The pigment is admirable – seriously a little goes a long way – but I found that the longevity wasn’t as strong as other blushes I’ve used. I wouldn’t use this for a day out, but would definitely use again for an evening.

MECCA MAX Skin Halo Diamond Dust
I LOVE THIS. I actually love it. The pigmentation is out-of-this world, so go easy if you just want a light glow. I’ve been wearing this every day, choosing it over the Fenty Beauty Killawat Highlighter and my trusty Hourglass Ambient Lighting Strobe Powder. For $22.00 it’s an absolute must for the glow-lover’s collection.

MECCA MAX Double Vision Eye Colour in Desert Nights
I was surprised I liked this one as much as I did. One side is a creamy consistency and the other is a shimmery powder, both (in this case) in a gorgeous rusty gold. I used my finger to place the creamy pigment onto the eye and set it with the shimmery powder. I blended out with a Zoeva 227 brush and was left with an extremely flattering and easy eye look. I think it took me one minute all together, but the look emulated an effortless everyday glamour that I didn’t know was possible in such a short time. I wore this twice that week and am still amazed that it doesn’t crease, even after an entire day.

MECCA MAX Pout Pop Lipstick in Sunday Sesh
They have one standard lipstick that comes in various finishes. I chose a red-toned brown in sheer. What I got was a berry-toned fuchsia, so don’t trust the colours online. The consistency had good colour for a sheer lipstick, but had the flexibility to build up to personal preference. While I wasn’t delighted with the colour difference, the pigment was great and I did enjoy the texture on the lips. While it didn’t last an enormously long time (it dried matte and remained on the lips for about 3 hours), I would purchase again (in store), because for a drugstore price, it’s a pretty good product.

MECCA MAX Face Off Makeup Wipes
I grabbed the makeup wipes last minute, because who doesn’t need more makeup wipes? Personally I am a picky girl when it comes to these, and I generally only use makeup wipes created by skincare companies, because after all, it is a form of skincare.
I found these wipes lacking strength and wouldn’t recommend them to remove makeup. At one point, I folded one up to wipe off some fallout, and found myself dragging it across the skin in an attempt to remove the makeup. As such, I’ve been using these to wipe off hands after applying makeup and nothing else. The packaging is cute, but I won’t be repurchasing.

MECCA MAX Makeup Bag
This is the one thing I bought that wasn’t makeup, but was so necessary. It’s about the same size as a large ipad and fits so much! I love the design of Mecca Max products, and this was no exception. I’ll be filling this with a bit of light makeup and throwing it into my gym bag.


And there you have it my friends. The illuminating primer is gorgeous, as is the highlighter itself. The eyeshadows are easy and pigmented, and the makeup wipes…well I wouldn’t be recommending them.
Let me know products you’ve tried!


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