Is it weird one of these pieces is a llama print?

Guys! We bought a house! Ha ha, I know, that is the thirty-thousandth time I’ve mentioned that. Can’t say I’ll calm down, but I’ll do my best for this post. Now that our mattress is living happily on a bedframe, and the colours of the walls are just so, I can start changing my view of this house, from a final accommodation to a great big and unique design project ready for me to tackle. And am I ever ready.

I’m neck-deep in the world of interior design and I am so full of ideas, inspiration and pieces I adore that I really have to outpour it here. If you’re anything like me, the ideas might just spark something in you too.

Finding my personal style, both interior and fashion-wise, is something I plan to write separately on. I assumed that by my early twenties, after years and years of teenaged practice, my personal style would be something that came…well, naturally. I was wrong. The last two years have been a deliberate continuation of developing my styles, without becoming a copycat (therefore no individual style at all), or completely unaware of classic and historical charm that others have displayed so beautifully over the centuries. The whole thing has really made me appreciate the world far more, if I’m honest. I stop to look at architecture and try to understand why I hate a ‘new in’ piece, when really it just isn’t for me. I’m becoming quite philosophical really.

My interior style has obviously been altered and tailored to fit with my beautiful little old house. I am a personal believer that style should bring the best out of the model, and this house is no exception. The previous owners changed this place up with a cheaply-done industrial-style renovation. They covered up beautiful original oak floorboards with a fake grey timber and then proceeded to install modern and edgy light fixtures, door handles and shelving to the entire place. It is so very wrong. The house is cottage-like in appearance, with long verandas and greenery surrounding it. It is a small house on a large block of land, not a warehouse apartment in Surrey Hills. Not for me to judge however, and I am simply glad that I can bring a little love and affection back to the bones of this place.

While of course, we will not remove the subway tiles in the bathroom, or the ‘timber’ grey floorboards, we are doing our best to make this home a little more representative of what it originally was. This is not in any way to say we are restoring it to its former glory, however we are being very conscious that our style choices compliment it.

Pinterest is my very best friend, and it has really helped me establish what designs I like as well as what will work well with the house style, and Corey’s style. Here we have a wishlist of all the things I am currently obsessing over and really hoping to add to our little home. What do you think?

This Amazing Llama Print

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to begin to describe my adoration for this print. Firstly, llamas. Secondly, those colours and that particular shot. I also love the highland cows (Corey likes them better) and may end up compromising by getting one of them instead. Or maybe I’ll get both. Still undecided. Check them out, trust me, it’s great.

This Lifechanging Blue Linen Sheet Set

Blue linen is something I’ve been eyeing off for God knows how long. I hate linen because of washing/drying dramas, but I adore the way it looks and feels. Looking at darker shades because I fake tan, and let’s be real, that stuff will show up on white. I’m loving the look of this indigo, with perhaps a lighter blue quilt set. Thoughts?

All Of The Persian Rugs

There is something about the distressed and faded detail of a Persian rug that makes me crazy. I know that these ones linked are a little more ‘trendy’ and a little less traditional and red, but I just cannot get enough of them. The worn style suits out little old house, and the shades (particularly the blue) are complimentary to say the least. Doing my best to justify one for the bedroom as well as the living room.

This West Elm Leather Chair

I have wanted a brown leather chair/couch for the longest time. We already have a pretty hefty couch, so there is no pliable reason in the universe for us to buy up another. Instead, I’m eyeing off this chair and trying to work out how I can wedge it between our bar and fireplace. Not sure if it will happen, but I just can’t stop gazing at it.

This Basket To Put All The Plants In

All of the baskets! For all of the plants! I love a good plant and have hand-on-heart dedicated myself to not killing any of them during our time at this house. I want plants indoors, by the TV at the bar, in the kitchen and through the bathroom. And I want to fill my outside yard and deck with plants, plants, plants. It’s good for the soul people, and realistically, I’ll need something to put them in. Adairs has a ton of gorgeous baskets at the moment and I’m eyeing off every last one of them.

This Ikea Mirror

Yes! Something Ikea! I’ve tried my dang hardest to steer clear of this magical world of flat packs, because a) quality, and b) our house (thanks to the previous owners’ renovations) is overflowing with shining white and black wood. I can never stay away for too long though, and in all honesty, have already bought one of these and am contemplating another. Mirrors are like windows, and while our house is full of windows already, I’m really quite a ‘more is more’ person, and am utilising every free wall with a mirror. Makes the house look bigger, plus I can take photos of my outfits. Win win! I also highly recommend these mirrors. I had one for years, but left it at home when I moved, so my parents claimed it. They’re sturdy and a great size, plus they go anywhere. And only $79!

These Little Gold Tortoises

Do I have a good reason for including these? Absolutely not. But look at them! So small and gold and sweet! They would look fabulous on a bookshelf or maybe chilling by the wine at the bar. I really love the detail on these, and somehow think it makes them less-gimmicky and far more of an interesting piece. While we don’t have an overload of gold in the house (I’m trying to steer far from metallic altogether), I do like to incorporate a teeny tiny bit of silver or gold every now and then for a hint of luxe. Not too much though, because Corey will hit the roof if he comes home to copper taps and doorhandles.

This Pendant Light

We currently are graced with three kinds of pendant lights in our home. We have a standard set of three matte black lights in our kitchen and bathroom, which is fine for everyone and basic enough not to make an impact. In all main areas, we have highly modern silver drop-lights with an acrylic barrel around them. They would look modern in a museum of modern art, and they certainly do very little for our small home. I’m desperate to remove them and replace them with something black, to match the others, and reasonably neutral to both the industrial style we’re stuck with, and the traditional cottage style of the home. This pendant light is a good mix of both.
Oh and lastly, our bedroom has two chandelier-style lights with stars laser-cut into the sides. I don’t want to talk about those.

There are of course one hundred and ten other things I would like or want, but really, we’re a little more focused on practical things right now, like paint and a longer hose for our washing machine (reality – these clothes don’t wash themselves).

Let me know of any suggestions you might have! Will be following up with a Home Updates post very soon!

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