Six fabulous books that will both enhance your space and inspire your mind.

I love coffee table books. It’s a visually appealing work of literature that has been carefully curated by somebody who appreciates aesthetics and shares their love and passion for wild and wonderful things. I love them. I would fill my shelves, my cupboards, my house with them if I could. I’m quite close to doing this, actually.

When I first started dabbling into interiors, a short while before buying our own place, I scoured the internet for all of the best, most beautiful, most enjoyable coffee table books. Unfortunately, a lot of this work needed to be done firsthand, because though I regularly see beautiful books in the photos of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, I really struggled to find anyone who listed them.

I have here, six of my absolute favourites, chosen for their style (obviously I prefer books that relate to my own design style), their content (a book may be beautiful, but if it’s boring I’m not interested), and their visual aesthetic. Because really; a coffee table book is here to make your coffee table look gorgeous.


These are the six books I completely and wholeheartedly encourage you to buy for your girlfriends, your mums, your buddies and your siblings, and really anyone who appreciates a good read and a good decorative piece in their home.

1 – Urban Botanics – Emma Sibley

Sold as an ‘indoor plant guide for modern gardeners,’ Urban Botanics is filled with gorgeous hand-drawn pictures of every little succulent and fauna that you could possibly want in your home. I love this one for it’s informative yet very visual approach to gardening and will be using this constantly when I get round to decking out the new place with greenery. A real feast for the eyeballs if you’re into this kind of thing.


2 – Humans of New York: Stories – Brandon Stanton

I have loved Humans of New York since I was a young teenager on Facebook. The inspiring and heartwarming stories that journalist Brandon Stanton gets out of everyday citizens and visitors of the city are something that I have never grown bored of. This book is just like the Facebook or Instagram page. It isn’t the most aesthetic book – no millennial pink here! – but I truly love this one for its content. If you’re looking for a book that visitors and yourself alike will enjoy for short periods of time, this is the one.


3 – Surf Shack – Nina Freudenberger

This beautiful book features all kinds of coastal living from Sydney apartments to remote shacks in small pacific islands. ‘Laid Back’ is the best term for this one. I adore it, because though it identifies with a global range of locations, it really does encapsulate the Australian coastal living, which is something I really appreciate about my country. The interiors are beachy and natural (living for the neutral shades in most of these homes), but also real and relaxed. It’s definitely a source of inspiration when it comes to my developing interior style but is also a really chilled out book to flick through. This one lives on my¬†actual coffee table.


4 – Get Your Sh*t Together – Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight strikes again with this appealing millennial handbook. While it lacks visual inspiration, SK’s books never fail to push me into that ‘get up and go’ attitude. I always have them lying around for when I feel particularly listless, and try to reach for them instead of scrolling Instagram for hours. In terms of content, I enjoy the way these books affect me (particularly this one), and will forever be encouraging my lazy friends to have a read. It genuinely helps you to get your life in order!

5 – You Only Live Once – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet strikes again with a wondrously inspiration book that makes me want to grab a backpack and jump on the next flight outta here. The photography is absolutely beautiful and you’re into taking cool photos, it can be a really solid handbook for your next travel adventure. I love most Lonely Planet books, but this is the one we’ve been gushing over for the past few months. My mum bought this one for Corey one Christmas. Just because it works as a coffee table book doesn’t mean you can’t gift it to the guys!


6 – Kinfolk Home– Nathan Williams

Ah, I couldn’t let this post finish without mentioning Kinfolk could I? Probably the book I hear of most when ‘Coffee Table Books’ come up, Kinfolk home is a calming and neutrally-toned book. In all honesty, the style is different to my own (I like a little colour), but I do find it incredibly enjoyable to flick through. The composure and detail to the photos are really beautiful and while it is entirely minimalistic, I do enjoy the way it looks on the coffee table (sue me). Surprisingly, after Kinfolk Home became a New York bestseller, it copped a lot of negative reviews because it lacked ‘soul’ and ‘reality’. However I never bought this book to copy the visuals; I bought it to enjoy looking at pictures (I’m a simple girl), and so those reviews, while not wrong, have never bothered me.



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