The season of blazers is here, and I am ready.

My friends. It is here. Autumn in its full glory. There are drying leaves hanging in the trees, clouds melding with mist in the morning and the delicious chill of the pending winter. I’m so happy. I do a little dance every evening when I’m rugged up in socks and warm pajamas, snuggling happily with the dogs on the couch. If there was a season for Netflix, ladies and gentlemen, this one would be in the running.

Obviously we do have to go outside during the colder seasons. One thing I’m not enjoying is the mad dash from front door to car at 6:30 every morning on my way to the gym, but hey I’m coping. For the times I’m not wearing my faithful compression tights or my faded-with-holes-in-it Calvin Klein jumper, I have a little handful of clothing pieces that really scream the season and put me right back in that snuggly mood, even though I’m probably traipsing around outdoors.

So here you have it folks! My staples for this season:

A Teddy-Bear Coat – Yes! Really!
I know, I really do know. I too have seen every single European blogger wear a coat that bares astounding similarities to this one. I don’t care. It is comfort in the purest form. It is also a neutral, therefore will go with all of the things, and is also large enough to layer. And you know what they say, layering is next to godliness. Not really, but close I’m sure. This one is from Atmos & Here is my current favourite, and on the scale of big fluffy coats, it’s surprisingly good value!


Black Jeans
Yes I’m aware this is the most obvious of choices, but I can’t ignore the fact that black jeans make up a large part of my ‘don’t want to think about it Autumn Wardrobe’. My favourites at the moments are these washed black Farleigh Jeans from Asos, and these Cheap Monday skinny jeans, which I cropped myself. Black jeans are flattering and basic, work with almost everything, and don’t show up when you spill food on yourself. Foolproof, my friends.



A Button-Up Shirt
This one from J Crew is silk, which is a bit bougie and upperclass for me, but any button-up will do. There’s something about the nonchalant preppy vibes an oversized button-up emits that will forever remind me of Autumn chill. They work great with a singlet underneath (if you’re extra cold), and are seamless underneath jumpers and coats. They go with any pair of jeans, so ten points for versatility. I love this one, and this one, and even this one  if you’re feeling bold.



The Plaid Jacket
Betcha didn’t see this one coming. I’ve been eyeing off the plaid blazer versions ever since they hit runways a year or two back. I love them for their effortless Wall Street vibes and their neutral practicality. Good for the days that are cold but not that cold, I wear these blazers with black jeans (shocker) and midi skirts.
Stores are stocking these ones high this season in expectation for crazy high sales, but a few of my favourites are here, here and here. Oh and the one I’m wearing is Minkpink and you can find it here.

The Crossbody Bag
This isn’t a specifically ‘Autumn’ trend, but it’s a design that has been following me around forever. I love the no fuss practicality of a crossbody bag, particularly in cold weather, where there are plenty of other things to do with your hands, like stuff them into gloves or pockets. This bag by Belle & Bloom  is neutrally-toned, rather than choosing black for the colder months. I felt it could provide a bit of light and class to an outfit, rather than pulling down an already dark look. The details on this bag are a beautiful light gold and the leather is great quality. It’s the perfect size for fitting all the little bits I’ll need into, and the crossbody option is super-easy.


Black Boots – A shocker!
Okay, this is about as predictable as the black jeans, if not, more. My favourite pair are from Atmos&Here, and are real leather and kicking onto their second year in my collection. Probably one of my most-worn shoes, save for sneakers and slippers, these boots are high enough to elongate the leg and provide a bit of confidence, but low enough to not feel like you’re wearing heels. The stacked heel is very comfortable, they wear well, and make the leg look slimmer and longer. The smooth finish also adds a bit of class to your outfit. These ones are still sold, because they’re obviously amazing, and you can buy them here.

This YSL lip colour
A lipstick is a bit of a must in Autumn, where it is cold enough not to have it melting off your lips in the space of an hour, but also warm enough that your lips haven’t felt the wrath of Winter Chapping yet. I’m not big on darker colours, so I step around it by using the YSL balm lipcolour (shade 5 Dare Me Plum) which is one of the easiest formulas I have ever worn. It creates a plum-like stain on the lips, but with the ease of a balm. Crazy about this because it makes me look like I made an effort, when really, I totally didn’t.



And there you have it, a small collection of things that I am so excited to start wearing out without the dreaded heat squashing my outfit dreams. What are you ready to wear this season?


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