Ah Frank Body, the good old cleaning expert.

If you’ve never heard of Frank Body, I will ask you to pause right here and go check out their Instagram (here). It’s a brand created by three kickass women who really ‘get’ women and how they want to be marketed to. The sleazy approach isn’t for everyone, but the products sure are.

Frank Body’s original namesake is its coffee scrub, which looks a lot like a thin pack of coffee beans, and when emptied, looks a whole lot like instant coffee. It’s marvelous stuff that leaves you invigorated, extremely clean, smooth and refreshed. But it’s a mess. If you have ever used the stuff, you’ll know that it manages to get into every tiny crevasse you may have in your bathroom. Coffee everywhere. It’s clean, it smells great, but ugh, what a pain. I deliberately think twice before opening one of Frank Body’s original coffee scrubs, because yes I want the experience, but do I really want to clean the bathroom tonight?

It’s a real dilemma.

Thankfully, the genius women behind Frank Body have listened, and here they are with the new scrub, wonderfully compact and apparently mess-free! It’s called the Express-O Scrub, “whipped for your convenience” and comes in the form of a creamy, buttery, coffee-scented paste. It looks a little like cake batter if I’m honest, and I’m not mad.
It claims that you can use it on wet or dry skin, which worries me a teeny bit, because a rough – and it is a full-on body scrub – exfoliate on dry skin? will that not do damage? I’m very intrigued. It’s made from raw sugar, cinnamon (acne-removing qualities), roasted and ground coffee beans and sweet almond and macadamia oils. Yep, all natural, and all good. The scrub has smoothing, exfoliating, softening and stimulating properties, including antimicrobial properties from cinnamon, which supposedly cleans the skin out, leaving it clearer. It’s jumped on at $19.95 for 150g, which I would expect to last a good 3-7 uses, depending on how much you want to slather on. Curious? Me too. So for the sake of #blogging I am here to test it out, while putting forth my first and varied impressions. Note, I am literally writing this on my laptop as I use it for the first time. 


The first thing to notice about this scrub is that after you open the lid – which took me approximately three minutes, a pair of scissors and a bit of frustration – the scrub that comes out looks about as appealing as food left in your fridge for three months. It smells sweet but in an organic way, and is far more wet in texture than I anticipated. This of course, makes it easy to rub onto dry skin, which is what I did.


The scrub is exceptionally creamy, but somehow very effective at the same time. The ground up coffee and raw sugar are a really effective combo.


And guys! It really works! I rubbed this in for about 30 seconds and then rinsed. It’s still a bit of a mess, but nothing like the original coffee scrub. And it is amazing! My skin was smooth, soft and glowing and I genuinely felt very fresh after using it.


I finished up by using the Frank Body tub of body cream, which is gorgeous stuff and basically the nice-smelling and good-for-you equivalent to butter on your skin.

So what did I think? Totally worth it! If anything, the packaging could be a little larger with more product, but who am I to complain. It’s completely fuss-free and can be done morning or night at the same time as skincare, and if that doesn’t appeal to your lazy subconscious, I don’t know what will.


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