Happy fifth month of 2018! Let’s take a look at what’s happening together.

Guys happy May! This is the third month of blogging. Wow wow wow. Am I a robot? How have I become such a consistent human being? I’m as confused as you are.

This month is going to be a lovely one, because after a couple of weeks of living in the new and glorious home that is entirely ours, things are finally all unpacked (except for the spare room, which shall not be mentioned). What this means, is that I can stop thinking about where to put my abnormally huge collection of board games, and start thinking about fun things, like rugs for the floor, artwork, new furniture items and paint colours. I’m particularly excited about new lighting. The past owners had some tacky chandelier-floral-type gaudy pendants in the master bedroom, and they are first on my list to remove.

It is crazy how far this little blog has grown in just two months, from a small place where I harbored my thoughts and feelings about makeup and lifestyle products, to an area where international boundaries mean nothing. It always stuns me to see readers from as far as Germany, Denmark, England and America are reading these words. Meeting other bloggers and blog readers whether it be on Instagram or in the blog world, is something I really find special.

Speaking of Instagram, we are growing and thriving with our little community, sharing thoughts on bad shoe choices, lip colours and of course, puppies. Where would we be without social media? So many lovely friends who I would never had known had we all been born one hundred years prior to now. Crazy right?

This month is a hectic continuation of April. My days are swinging back and forth from house organising to blog admin to my actual job to prioritising gym workouts to planning our housewarming party (yay). It’s at the point where I’m only finding time to vacuum at 10:30pm at night, and then writing blog posts such as this at around 11. Can’t complain. As a friend said, “you have dogs and a house, you’re not allowed to complain.” Valid argument, so I’ll continue to drink more coffee than I’m used to and push on with the chaos.

My anticipation for this lovely month of May (in which both of my darling puppies turn one – yes of course I’m making a deal, I don’t have kids yet) is that I can finally, finally sort the house out and sit back and say, “wow I love this place, I can’t believe I have nothing to do.” The realistic levels of this idea are in the negatives, because we’re still waiting on our bed to arrive and once it does, we’ll start building our deck, so resting time will be few and far between. Note to self, have a cup of tea each day.
With the influx of ‘house stuff,’ I have put a firm hold on clothes-buying. The whole idea of new clothes makes me cringe a little, because I think only of the packaging I’ll have to magically make disappear (don’t start me on the amount of paper, cardboard and plastic that fills these rooms). With the growing excitement for planters and coasters, new mugs and bed linen, I really don’t have space in my busy mind for fashion and style, and frankly, you’ll have a difficult time getting me out of activewear at the moment anyway.

So pardon my focus on homewares and paint swatches this month. I promise I will return healthy and happy with a bunch of nice clothes a little later in May.

Until then, let us all breathe out, grab a cocktail (it is 11pm as I write remember – on a Monday no less), and dive into May together.

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