The Summer Fridays Overtime Mask: My Thoughts

Spoiler: I’m not disappointed.

“Soothing oat kernel proteins and free radical-fighting antioxidants make this brightening mask the ultimate glow-getter.”
Glow-Getter. What is that? It sounds impressive, but I mean…so did Fyre Festival. I’m not convinced. Anyone who has ever bought a skincare product knows to take the promises on the back packaging with a grain of salt. Will my skin look like an airbrushes models after I’ve used this? Unlikely, but I’m definitely game to give it a go.

First off, I am naive to the origins of Summer Fridays. I’ve heard fleetingly that it was created by one, maybe two bloggers. I like that. If anyone knows their way around a plethora of beauty and skincare products, it’s a blogger. We try things like our lives depend on it.

A quick google tells me that Summer Fridays was created by a blogging duo – there it is – and entered all of our lives in the form of the Jet Lag Mask. You’ve seen it. I mean everyone with Instagram has seen it. It’s that aesthetically pleasing minimal blue packaging gracing every blogger and content creator’s feed. I haven’t tried it, but apparently it is heralded by celebrities like Kim Kardashian-West and Jessica Alba. Okay, noted. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m a little closer to adding it to my cart. I bought the Overtime Mask first because it says it exfoliates, and honestly if there is one girl with oily or combination skin that says that they’re not drawn to a good exfoliation, they’re lying.

First and foremost. I wanted to love this from the get-go, I did. I promise you that. But my opinion is still a little, shall we say, marred. The mask is not what I expected. It’s less ‘mask’ and more scrub. And yes, I know I said I like a scrub. But there is a difference between a wet cloth and steel wool, you know?
As a human who cares for her skin, I am not alien to the idea of exfoliation. I exfoliate religiously. And while I’m fine with that, this mask…was a different experience.

It tells me first to massage the mask in circular motions on my clean and dry face for 60 seconds. I can almost hear my beauty therapist crying. Exfoliating directly onto dry skin sounds like a ticket to damaged membrane, but what do I know.
I did cheat. I mean, I’m not crazy. I wet my face first so sue me. I love my skin too much to risk it! I applied the mask onto that, and I will say this once and loudly: I am so glad that I wet my face first.

The mask is predominantly an exfoliant. As in…this mask is steel wool in liquid form. The cream itself is minimal and gives way to the bulk of the product which is extremely abrasive. Again: I love a good scrub, but I do not like to have my skin ripped to shreds on my face by tiny hard particles. I massaged it in for ten seconds instead of sixty. I love my skin okay?

After the mask has been rubbed onto the face, you’re instructed to leave it for ten minutes. That doesn’t sound crazy, does it. Ten minutes is very uneventful for a mask. We’ve all left a mask on for well over ten minutes before.

Fast forward two minutes. I’m washing it off now because I can see my skin glowing red underneath. I know red isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A lot of GlamGlow masks bring the blood up to the face also, increasing circulation. I’m no expert, but apparently it’s good. What it also is, is heating my face up. Is that good? Bad? Will a layer of skin peel off when I rinse?

Here is my conclusion after washing it off.

My face is red. It stays red for about fifteen minutes. I can deal with that, but if I was running late and needed to apply makeup, it would definitely make for a frustrating situation.
On the positive side, my skin feels impeccably smooth, and definitely more glowy. Kind of firm too, but maybe I’m imagining it.
Lastly, it all feels very…fresh. Obviously it is in need of hydration, but it still feels alive and awake and in the very pits of Summer here in Australia, that is exactly what the skin craves.

So what do I think? Yes. And no.
I will use this all the way up, definitely. I think a quick scrub, leaving on for a minute or two, and then rinsing is the best procedure for me. Personally I think you are a superhero if you can scrub this into your skin for sixty seconds. How do people do that? Doesn’t it sting? Is your skin just incredibly strong?

Overall, the results are great and if you look at it like a quick fix for your tired and overheated skin, I think this ticks all the boxes! I’m not labelling it as a Summer Staple just yet, but it’s a good contender. Give me till the end of the season to know.

Have you tried Summer Fridays? Thoughts on the Overtime Mask? Or the Jetlag Mask for that matter? Tell me everything.


Bon x

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