New In My Wardrobe: Autumn

In short: check out all the denim, blazers and boots I intend on living in for the next few months.

Good morning all and happy autumn! We’re midway through the first month now, and I am elated. Purely elated. I’ve worn jeans, I’ve worn knits, and while I haven’t quite yet put on my first pair of boots to wear out, I can tell it’s just around the corner.

It was December last year that I really began to get inspired for cold-weather dressing. I spent the scorching days inside basked in air conditioning, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, coveting the layered coats and jeans worn by girls on the other side of the world. That’s when I started writing up my wishlist, entailing exactly what sort of wardrobe adjustments I had in mind for this sort of weather. Warning, there are a lot of neutrals, a lot of blazers, and more than one button-up shirt. Apparently I have recently come into the realisation that I like to dress as if I have my mind together. I obviously don’t, but I enjoy wearing silks and structured blazers while I’m having my mental breakdowns. I digress.

I’m at the point where I’m beginning to appreciate the quality of an item of clothing, more so than the quantity I can buy for the same price. I’ve also found that I’m leaning heavily on brands that I know and trust, rather than shopping around for the best design, price or convenience. Country Road and I are currently having an enormous love affair, if you must know.

To round out my autumn wardrobe, here is my mood-board in list form (because I will always be a list girl).

Key Pieces

  • Blazers – neutral tones
  • Good Quality Knits (that actually keep me warm)
  • A good scarf
  • Boots with points of interest
  • Feminine handbags/clutches
  • Vintage-wash blue jeans
  • Tailored Pants
  • Roll-neck tops
  • Button-up shirts (in silk and cotton)

Pleasantly, a lot of these things I already have. The knits (though I always enjoy buying more), the jeans, the shirts and the handbags are all in my wardrobe with excess. I’m working on finding the perfect tailored pants but that is a lifelong mission, and I don’t know if I’ll accomplish it this year. Pray for me.

New In

The Balenciaga Boots. Yes. I know. Did I buy these because I’m a few months away from changing my initials to BB? Maybe. But also because I saw them on Instagram and did not stop dreaming of them for months. Yes, they also tick the practical ‘I will wear these in my daily life’ box. I mean, they are black boots after all.
There is something so Parisian, so chic about these boots, the knifelike shape, the gaudy gold detailing. I know upon first glance they may seem very…how do I say…Kardashian? But picture them worn with tailored black pants, an oversized black knit, and a large overcoat. Accessorised with a gold-detailed watch and understated earrings. Careless hairstyle. Maybe a red lip. Ah I want to wear them right now. If my wardrobe could be refined into one piece right now, it would be these boots.


The Country Road Suit (similar). I said I loved Country Road, didn’t I? I love the brand because I know how their stuff fits (also they have very inflated sizes, so I’m an XS or a S when really I’m not…flattery gets you places) and also, their quality is good. I’ve been fawning over black blazer/pant suits for a very long time. Years, maybe. I wanted a black blazer that is slightly oversized, but still warm enough to wear in all seasons but winter. I currently have one from Mango that I have sadly worn to the end of its days. A button has come off and threads are coming loose and really, it’s falling to pieces as I wear it (which I do, almost daily). I wanted a better-quality replacement, because I knew it was something that slipped seamlessly into my everyday wardrobe without so much as a cough. The blazer aside, the tailored black pants are a great addition.



These Reliquia Gold Hoops. I’ve spent the last three months trawling through Instagram finding photos of gorgeous girls wearing these delicate, nineties-esque gold hoops. I can’t get enough of them. They make your hair look more effortless and somehow make your face look more unique.



The Silk Laundry Slip Dresses. Both of them. Of course I bought two. I own three, if I’m honest, the first being a canary-yellow number which I feel is reserved predominantly for summer. I bought the white one because a) it’s gorgeous, but also because our engagement party was coming up and it was a running contender for the night (didn’t end up wearing it). I loved it so much, I bought the black too. I wear slip dresses incessantly in warm as well as cooler weather. They look great with a knit and boots as they do with unobtrusive sandals and sunglasses.



This Pearl Topshop Bag. Yes! The feminine bags! And this one is by Topshop, and it is so inexpensive (comparatively to the Shrimps one which makes me want to cry when I see people actually handing over the money for it). It’s a beautiful, sturdy point of interest that reminds me of the cluster jewelled clutches my grandmother used to own. I adore this. Also to mention is this purse which I bought online from Shopbop. I’m obsessed with it too, but it’s more an evening piece than anything else.


The Daniel Wellington Black Watch. What’s not to love? It’s classic and it will go with absolutely every black blazer I ever want to wear. I love watches (but only in cold weather, because: sweaty wrists are not my fave) and this is no exception.


And that’s it! Throw in a good bit of denim (I’m having a real moment with blue jeans after a 5-year-long hiatus) and that perfect button-up shirt and I’m very much set for the season. Not mentioned, but completely obvious because I wear them five days a week, year round: activewear. Shoutout to exercise tights.

What’s your favourite autumn piece, or the one you have your eye on, ready to buy the moment it goes on sale?

Bon x

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