March Review | 2019

My mind is an overstuffed planner, full of post-it notes reminding me to breathe.

Hello and happy March. What a month, I tell you. My mind, complex and busy, reminds me of a thriving beehive, buzzing with a productive exhilaration. It’s a month where I haven’t had a moment to stop and think, and while it sounds exhausting, it’s been good.

It’s the first of April, the day this is posted (do people do April Fools anymore?) and I’m so aware that I have a mere matter of months before I become a wife and this whole build-up of conference calls and questions about my floral preference can be over. If there is one thing I am most certain of; I am not bride material. Wife material, sure. But this bride thing? It’s the worst. I do have a countdown going, but it’s for the day after the wedding, where Corey and I will be blissfully reclined on a private island, cocktail in hand. I’m even going to read a book. I’m buzzing just to think about it.
I will, at a later date, write in more detail about the whole wedding experience. I know my distaste for it is certainly not universal, however nor is it uncommon. Thankfully, my ever-unperturbed and infinitely patient fiancé is the perfect soundboard for my grievances, sometimes even chiming in, “I could have a shed with a mancave instead of all this.” And he has a point.

March has been an organisational month, full of calendar schedules, emailed conversations and blacking out Saturdays because it seems everybody is getting married this year. When it rains, it pours, right?

Earlier in the month, I broke my three-year stint of natural-coloured hair, and booked myself in for a morning at the hairdresser. I’ve been growing out the bleach that at nineteen I thought would be a great idea. It wasn’t, and I’ve hated bleach ever since.
And then, as we all do, I started looking on Pinterest and Instagram, eyeing off blonde girls with their wavy highlights and disconcerting glow, and the idea was born. I got my hair highlighted with intentions to go lighter pre-wedding. Don’t ask me any of the terminology, I have no clue. I adore it, and am mildly annoyed I haven’t done it before now.

March is also the month I finally bought a membership to Audible, and is it too dramatic to say it’s changed my day-to-day life? I first listened to Becoming by Michelle Obama, which was one of the most warm and empowering books I’ve ever experienced. Michelle’s grace and passion for women and their place in both society and their family, is the wholesome motherly encouragement, everybody needs to hear. After that, I went out on a limb and listened to Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan. I loved that one so much I wrote a blog post on it. It’s exciting stuff.

Finally, it rained in March. A lot. The gloomy, cool mornings were often and the pitter-patter of steady rain came at least a few days every week. I’m elated. I’ve been wearing knits, curling up on the lounge with a blanket, reading books. I took a whole Sunday off to do this, and then just this week, I spent Tuesday at home on a sick day (really, I was sick, but napping while it rains is perhaps the most delicious experience in the world). The dogs will trample mud into the house, or jump up at me with damp little tummies, cold noses snuffling at my hands. They tear around the yard, rolling through puddles and leaping at raindrops, and quite honestly, it’s the happiest thing. The cool weather makes me feel like I’ve woken up from a drowsy sleep, and I can finally breathe again. It’s just the perfect weather to be inside, and almost all of my responsibilities are based inside, so my productivity levels have been at an all time high. I’ve planned a Disney movie night and everything.

In other news, we booked our honeymoon, I started watching the Madeleine McCann documentary on Netflix (intriguing) and I’m still drinking a thousand cups of tea on the daily. Life’s good.

Bon x


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