fifty-seven days pre-wife

It’s a weekend again. Meghan and Harry have named their baby. I finally got life insurance. Time is moving too fast.

I’ve finished two more novels since we last spoke, which makes eleven in my yearly checklist. Conclusively, I’ve raised the goal from 12 books this year, to 52. That’s doable, right? It’s 228 days until 2019 draws to a close, which means I have just over five days for each book. Pray for me. Also be thankful I didn’t go with my initial thought, which was 100 books in a year.

I’ve been avoiding the gym like the plague which is wonderful news as my final dress fitting fast approaches. What is it about working out? I stop for five seconds and suddenly I am a full-blown couch potato. Did I really go to the gym five days a week for a year? Was that really me? How?
All I can say is that we’re currently enveloped in a cold snap, and assuming the position of a well-covered burrito with our two dogs and six blankets, is far more attractive than intermittent sprints.

With just eight weeks ahead of us before we finally – and I do mean finally – are announced as man and wife, the final details are, should I say, painstakingly weighty. Writing vows cannot be rushed. Nor can the processional song choice, or the readings. And seating plans. Don’t even mention seating plans. I’ve done mine and I never want think of it again. Please know that when you see a photo of me crying on my wedding day, it will be because I am so eternally grateful that I don’t have to think about my seating plan ever again.

The final countdown has me more calmly anticipant than I have been for the entire engagement. I disliked planning the larger details of the wedding. I’m sure most perfectionists would feel similarly. Something about the enormity, the expectation, the ‘biggest day of your life’ comments. It all forms one big weight and lands purposefully on your shoulders, as if we women, with our homes, our individual dreams, our own lives are expected to drop it all for this one day. Never have I been so thankful to have a man who screwed up his nose about the whole wedding thing, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “I’m happy if you are.”

It’s Friday today so I’m going to do my hair, put on my warmest jumper, and head out with the family for a glass of wine.

Happy Weekend lovers x




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