thirty-two days pre-wife

Bleary eyed, wearing about thirty-two layers and trying not to think about how I have training tomorrow evening.

Because the unseasonable chill has clearly not been quite enough to dissatisfy us completely, we have been graced with an overload of fog. I’m sure it is snowing somewhere nearby, so while we can’t complain, we can certainly sigh deeply and replace our nice shoes with boots, leaving crunched footprints in the white-laced grass while we tread around making the most of our long weekend.

It’s June. We’re almost four weeks away. I have reached a new phase in the wedding planning. I suppose the final phase will include a lot of frantic phone calls and lengthy lists, but that is not where I am now. Where I am, is in a misty cloud of unconcern. What song am I walking down the aisle to? I don’t care. Canape selection? Whatever. Makeup look? Don’t bother asking.
Somewhere in this dreamlike state of faux calm, all I know, is that as long as Corey is at the end of the aisle, as long as I can wake up the next morning with a husband and a cup of tea, it will all be alright.

Yes, I know, the wedding could be shambolic. It certainly won’t be the most stylish event of the year – it may not even be stylish – but what it will be is us. And everything after that, is unimportant.

Because I have thrown the towel in with wedding planning (temporary, I’m sure), I’ve had a lot of time writing. Clearly not on this platform – it’s been over three weeks – but creatively. I have a new child, a new novel, a sprout of an idea and characters that are developing idiosyncratic personalities at an alarming rate. There’s something about the buzz of beginning a new novel, the potential, the control. The one good thing about the fog is the enjoyment of being inside in the warmth with a cup of tea and a candle. I always think the best writing happens in winter, but maybe that’s just me being melancholic.

In other news, I finished reading The Lovely Wife (Sarah Downing), and it was the best novel I have read in years. Don’t even try to change my mind.

Happy Tuesday loves x













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